Here's finally the Statistical Calendar!!!

Do you need to write your exams dates somewhere and in the meanwhile you need to laugh as you are aware that the exams are too near? The Statistical Calendar is the right choice, hang it in your bedroom and you can solve two problems in one!

Do you want to learn statistics laughing? Every month you can find a proper vignette.

Are you interested in the story you read and you want to learn more?

An easy text (by clicking on story titles) will help you to catch the problems arised in the vignette. It helps to translate in an easy language lot of theories, techniques and applications which are not always immediate.

Do you want to know who are the more important statistical scholars and scientists?

As other calendars have theirs "saints" also the statistical one has its own: for each month, at their birthday, you can find the major scientists who gave a great contribution to statistics.

Are you interested in it? Wanna see the calendar on web or download it? Just click here, print it, or download it